Thursday, July 12, 2007

Look at all the pretty books! It's Shelfari! It's a Virtual Bookshelf.

Just joined this site today. Someone named Andrea K invited me. I hope that is who I think it is.

Anyway it appears to be a Virtual Bookshelf. It's a fun way to list all the books I've been reading. I have areas of my life where I like to be organized and linear; and lists of "books read" is something that appeals to me for some reason. I've been keeping lists of amazon bookmarks for my own reference but this is much more appealing.

I'm wondering if I can convince members of my book club to join. Alas the members of my book club are mostly internet averse. I've been gently badgering them to sign on to Facebook for a while now with no success.

Anyway, Shelfari! Hmm. Sort of sounds like an old John Wayne movie. I do like to see all the pretty book covers all lined up against each other.

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Anonymous said...

I was able to convince my book club to join. I created a group for my book club and then would add the books to the group. Pretty cool site