Saturday, April 14, 2007

Everything's the same, except for the cats

Strange. More than a year has gone by an I still have the same things happening. Annoyances re: amounts of money in the bank virtually the same.

Cat willow, the foot attacker, is still neurotic but perhaps slightly less so.

I have one more to add to the cat population in my house. Fisher moved in a year ago. Got him from Yes, I found my new pet on the internet. He is fluffy and chock full of static electricity. I remember in science class in high school we were given these little fur patches that we would rub on various objects to demonstrate static electricity in action. The little patches were made of cat fur. I keep wondering if there is some kind of Bounce for living cats, so I can touch my cat without every bit of his fur standing on end before it all attaches itself to my clothes.

My sister has cat-attracting legs. Only activated by wearing black pants. It is one of the scourges of her existence. I myself long for slavish adoration from my pets, but it never comes. My cats are aloof, standoffish, complete snobs really.