Monday, January 02, 2006

Everything is Everywhere

GOAL: Clean off desk. Get my taxes to the accountant. Find self. Whistle a happy tune. Stop worrying and learn to love the..... Have faith. Have a little less ice cream.

CURRENT BOTHERSOME THINGS: Insane, or possibly just maladjusted pussycat. How to cope with attacks in hallway. Lucite riot shield would be helpful. What is so terrifying about my feet? I don't even really pick them off the ground when I'm walking past while she's in a biting mood, they are just like little steamships passing by the little furry grey horror that is my cat Willow in her present state of cat-mind.

Lack of large bags of money in my vault at the bank with my name written on them.

Large piles of IOUs in the bank with my name written on them.

The little ticky noise in the car when I'm in low gear.

HAPPY THINGS: My new squirrel proof bird feeder. Is now full of sunflower seeds and I'm waiting to see if any boids besides starlings will find it. And in fact if it is truly squirrel proof.
Sweet peas are growing. Days are getting longer. New microwaveable heating bag thing. Lavender infused. No minus 25 degree weather yet this winter. No cluster flies at the schoolhouse. No mice to speak of. I'm driving them away with supersonic screeching.

THINGS TO GET UNDER CONTROL THIS YEAR: Bats at schoolhouse. Clutter. Library fines. Food liquefying in fridge, usually vegetables. Sloth. Unchecked consumption of all the things I've been consuming uncheckedly.

THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO YAY! New work leading in the direction of at least small bags of money. Reasonably happy Medusa mind. Lots of future walking and possibly trips to far away places in a jet plane.

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